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romancing the stove cookbook

January 10, 2012

For Immediate Release
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America’s aphrodisiac foods authority brings you Romancing the Stove: the unabridged guide to aphrodisiac foods

LOS ANGELES (November 2011) Why eat out on Valentine’s Day when you can indulge at home with a simple and delicious meal packed with proven aphrodisiacs? Especially since Amy Reiley, considered a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods, brings you the sequel to her critically acclaimed cookbook, Fork Me, Spoon Me.

With Fork Me, Reiley tackled the concept of aphrodisiacs, introducing a handful of historically-noted ingredients with scientifically studied effects. With Romancing the Stove, she takes the concept one step further, sharing with readers the secrets lovers around the world have known since the beginning of recorded time: What are aphrodisiacs and how can they work for you?

Divided into chapters based on ingredients effects—is your goal boosting libido, seducing someone special, sharing a romantic indulgence or looking and feeling your most sexy? Romancing the Stove has a recipe for every lover’s greatest desire. Best of all, whichever chapter you choose, you know you’ll be enjoying foods loaded with the ingredients to keep you healthy and sexually super-charged for life.

But since Reiley holds a Master of Arts in Gastronomy awarded by Le Cordon Bleu, you know her book is going to contain much more than mere recipes. Romancing the Stove also contains an in depth look at what makes certain foods aphrodisiac, both historically and scientifically. Reiley’s Dictionary of Desire further illustrates the ingredients and nutrients that can help make your romantic dreams come true. And for wine lovers, Reiley, who is also a noted wine critic, also includes an entire chapter dedicated to the allure of what has long been called the world’s most romantic drink.

A cookbook first and foremost, Romancing the Stove’s message that food can play a delicious role in a fulfilling romantic life truly comes to life in the book’s innovative recipes. The book boasts 57 recipes (and variations) for an amorous breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as cocktails and snacks. Most require little more skill than an ability to boil water and many are perfect for couples to cook together. But for home chefs who like to show off their cooking chops, Reiley has invited a group of well-known guest chefs, including Susan Feniger, James Boyce and Brad Farmerie, to contribute restaurant-worthy dishes with their personal take on the book’s sexy spin.