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Eat Cake Naked: aphrodisiac desserts to heat up your love life

About the Authors of Eat Cake Naked

Amy Reiley--one of the authors of Eat Cake NakedAmy Reiley is recognized as a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods. Her work as been featured in publications as varied as Playboy, National Geographic and The New York Times. She’s helped couples learn to cook on reality television, done guest stints on The Today Show, tricked listeners on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and even appeared as an expert guest on the runaway hit podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno.  

But her expertise in cooking began with dessert. Like many kids Amy had an insatiable sweet tooth. But as a picky eater, she refused to eat the vanilla sandwich cookies and Neapolitan ice cream her brother always managed to talk her mother into buying as the family’s only desserts. (He knew Amy hated them.) So as soon as her mother allowed her to use the oven by herself, she started making magic with butter, flour and sugar.

As her appetite for culinary knowledge grew, she invested herself in studying the history and culture of food. Eventually, a freelance food writer, she became known for her work on aphrodisiacs. She earned her Master’s Degree in Gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu, by writing a dissertation on the relationship between food and sex in American pop culture.

In addition to speaking, writing and consulting on aphrodisiac foods, Amy is the Editorial Director of EatSomethingSexy.com and a freelance wine writer. She has two children, which is the sort of thing that tends to happen when you spend all your time cooking aphrodisiacs. Eat Cake Naked is her fifth aphrodisiac cookbook.

Delahna Flagg--one of the authors of Eat Cake NakedDelahna Flagg almost opted out of college to attend culinary school. But reason won out and Delahna earned her bachelors…and then headed off to Le Cordon Bleu, where she focused her studies on nutrition and food journalism. At Le Cordon Bleu she showed up for a lecture on aphrodisiacs presented by Amy Reiley. What she took away from that lecture was the thought that perhaps if she couldn’t convince people to eat well for their overall health, maybe they’d do it for their sexual health. So she applied to become Amy’s intern at EatSomethingSexy.com.

After graduation, Delahna went on to work in fine dining kitchens but her heart wasn’t in it. So she returned to school to study physiology and nutrition, first with a BS from UCLA then at a masters and doctoral level with Walden and Saybrook Universities and the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Her class work in cooking for special diets inspired Delahna to start a chef consultancy, cooking for clients with dietary restrictions including diabetics, celiacs and cancer patients.

As a chef for special needs clients, veganism inadvertently became Delahna’s specialty. And instead of completing her doctoral dissertation as was expected of her, she took on the role of co-star in Pamela Anderson’s web series, The Sensual Vegan.

Delahna currently heads research & development for a company that specializes in creating healthy items for the mass market. She also serves as EatSomethingSexy’s Director of Nutrition. In her free time, she fosters dogs, working to improve their diets, of course!