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Self-Publishing Solutions for Cookbook Authors

The publishing world is changing and we’re changing with it. In addition to publishing our own titles, Life of Reiley Independent, our imprint for self-publishers (a partnership publishing program), takes our wealth of publishing experience to help authors bring their own cookbooks to fruition.

What is partnership publishing? It is new way to publish offering authors the freedom of self publishing with the advantages of working through an established publishing house. It is a hybrid which, in our case, means that authors assume the cost of producing their title in a self-publishing fashion, however the titles are represented by our publishing house and are produced through the same publishing process used for our traditionally published titles. Every title published through our partnership imprint, Life of Reiley Independent, is vetted for marketability. In other words, we’re not just looking to take someone’s money to churn out any old book. We’re looking to help talented authors bring books that make sense to the market, books that will sell, books that will build the author’s brand, books that will garner critical acclaim.

Our array of partnership publishing/self-publishing services range from full production of an idea to a completed cookbook to a la carte design, editing, recipe testing, indexing and printing solutions. Best of all, through our established distribution network, we can help your title get worldwide exposure.

Your Book Your Way
Whether you’re looking to create a hardcover, paperback or ebook, we can help you shape your vision into the cookbook of your dreams.

Why do you need a partnership publishing service? True, you could do it on your own. But what we’re offering you is the same formula, publishing team and quality that made our books a success–at the same price. We are culinary professionals who believe in helping other culinary professionals. And we have the leverage as a publisher to negotiate better prices than a self-publisher can get on their own.

We will guide you through the entire process of creating a book, from design to indexing to marketing and all the little things you probably hadn’t thought of yet, (like registering ISBN numbers and copyright). We can also offer you the same distribution our bestselling cookbooks enjoy through Independent Publishers Group. It is the right distribution that is key to getting your book visibility in the media and retail outlets. (Our distribution includes the US, Canada and online retail worldwide.) Learn more about the advantages of distribution with IPG to better understand why we choose to work with this leading distributor.

Meet our award-winning publishing team.

 A la Carte Services
Maybe you already have your book and just need someone to work with you on the details like getting listed with Bowker or having your book indexed. Maybe you already have your photography but need a designer.

As a publishing consultant, we can help you at whatever stage of the publishing process you need a little assistance. Whether you need a copy editor or a printer, a designer to turn your print title into an ebook or even a distributor, we are happy to discuss your needs and negotiate pricing on individual projects.

Our a la carte services include:
cookbook design
conceptual consulting
recipe testing
copy editing
ebook conversion
author events & signings

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